William is a fine artist and designer who works in Geneva, Switzerland and Cincinnati, Ohio USA. He did his undergraduate work in art and design at Rochester Institute of Technology and his graduate work in fine art at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Having retired from a rewarding career as a designer, creative director and branding consultant, he returned to painting in 2005. 


While living in Switzerland (2005-2016) Linthicum made painting the landscape his primary focus, working in oil, acrylic and pastel. He had five solo exhibitions in Geneva and has been in group shows in Cologny, Anières, Epesses, Paris, Brittany and Baltimore. A silver medalist in Art’Air/Geneva, he won the gold medal at the “Concours des Meilleurs Talents” at the Galerie Terre-des-Arts in Paris. He was one of twelve artists selected to participate in the four-week Alfred Klots Summer Residency Program in Rochefort-en-Terre, France. In 2013 William was selected for a retrospective exhibition of artists-in-residence of that residency in the graduate center of the Maryland Institute College of Art. In spring, 2016, he was artist-in-residence at the International School of Geneva. He had a solo exhibition in the Centre des Arts.

Artist Statement

Nature is abstract. In all of her vastness, she never repeats a shape or form.Among my earliest observations were the abstract-yet-rhythmic qualities of water, the elusive spectacle of passing clouds, and the blankets of light that change reality from one moment to the next.  After many years of exploration, my focus  returned to those early observations. 

This renewed curiosity and affection for nature’s abstraction began in Switzerland in 2005. The Swiss have a deep respect and love for the outdoors -- and they are treated to the best of it. The vast, active skies, the rugged mountains and the unique color of light are intoxicating. I was quickly addicted. As I observed and interpreted what I saw, I realized that I needn’t stylize what was already a belvedere of perfect abstraction.

I am drawn to pastels as a painting medium. The process is visceral and tantalizing, using my fingers, palms and forearms as my brushes. I build color in layers by crushing the pigment into the paper. While technically drawings, the results are painterly. The demands are physical while the outcomes are spiritual. The tactile process connects me with the elements I depict. 

I agree with Fairfield Porter. He insisted on the relevance of authentically lived experience as subject matter, rather than pure ideology as a motivation for making art.”The truest order is what you already find there, or that which will be given if you don’t try for it,” he wrote. “When you arrange, you fail.”


 “Expo ‘07” Le Manoir, Cologny, Switzerland 2007 (juried)  

Chêne-Bourg Biennial, Geneva, Switzerland (Gold Medal) 2008  

Art’Air 2008, Geneva, Switzerland (Silver Medal)  

Espace Kaleo, Rochefort-en-Terre, France 2008 (solo show)

“Concours des Meilleurs Talents,” Galerie Terre-des-Arts, Paris, France (Gold Medal) 2008 

“Rêves de Paysage” Galerie Le Clin d’Oeil, Corsier, Switzerland 2009 (solo show)

“Peintures et Dessins” Galerie de Loisers, Chêne-Bourg, Switzerland 2009 (solo show)  

Musée du Château du Rochefort-en-Terre, Bretagne, France 2009 (juried)   

“Small Worlds,” Galerie Fenêtre sur Cadre, Carouge, Switzerland 2009 (solo show) 

“Un peintre americain amoureaux de la Suisse” Galerie Le Clin d’Oeil, Corsier 2010 (solo show) 

“Help Haiti” Exposition d’Art, Choulex, Switzerland, 2010 (group show)

“Head in the Clouds”, Galerie Nest, Geneva 2011 (solo show) 

“Artists of the Gallery” Galerie Les Soleiles 3, Epesses, Switzerland 2011  Salon d’Automne, Paris, France 2011 (juried)   

EcolintAnnuelle, Geneva, 2012 (Juried)   “Mélange d”été,” Galerie TOXnCO, Geneva, Switzerland 2012 (solo show) 

“La Lumiere Fantastique: Brittany Shines in Baltimore” Maryland Institute College of Art 2013 (juried)   

“La Passion du Paysage” Galerie d’Anères, Switzerland 2014 (solo show) “Exposition de Kermesse” Ecole Internationale de Geneva, Switzerland 2015 (juried) “William W. Linthicum: Artist in Residence” Centre des Arts, International School of Geneva 2016 (solo show)  

Education and Teaching

Rochester Institue of Technology,

Bachelor of Fine Arts 

Towson University, 

graduate studies in fine art  

Maryland Institute College of Art, 

graduate studies in fine art   

Johns Hopkins University, 

graduate studies in management   

Art teacher, 

School 9 middle school, Baltimore  

Instructor of art, 

Dundalk Community College, Baltimore 

Instructor of drawing and painting, 

Atlanta College of Art (now SCAD Atlanta) 

Instructor of graphic design, 

Maryland Institute College of Art 

Instructor of painting, 

International School of Geneva, Switzerland 

Instructor or color theory and painting, ALLMinds, Geneva, Switzerland 

Artist in Residence, 

International School of Geneva  


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